Wednesday 11 June 2008

World Mission Society Ahnsahnghong Church of God

Testimonials of members who have left the World Mission Society Church of God:

"My family and I are ex-cog members. A little history. My wife is Korean. We have been married 19 yrs. We have twin daughters who are 8 yrs old. We lived in Texas until 18 months ago. My wife's family in Korea were split, father Buddhist, mother Christian. My religious background before cog was virtually nil. My wife became involved with the COG thru her Korean female friend. This woman was recruited by her sister in Colorado. At first I thought it was great that my wife had found something, from Korea, that she believed in wholeheartedly. After all, they were christian. I was gradually pulled in from the sidelines so to speak. The constant bible study and service times etc made my mind swim. I am a logical person. Black and white, that's my motto. During the period that we were being indoctrinated, we also involved my parents. My parents, knowing their oldest son's logical nature, followed like sheep when we all decided to be baptised. That is something that I am ashamed of today. That I led my parents into this cult. The "church" sent a preacher from New York to my home in Texas to baptise my whole family. During the weekend of the baptism, one of my daughters was admitted to the hospital in critical condition with pneumonia. The "church" explained this event as satan testing us. This made me so angry. They almost caused the death of my precious daughter. After we were baptised we began to have services in my home. Every waking moment evolved around the church. We even had an Army officer who was in school in San Antonio TX stay in my home on weekends so we could have intense bible studies and worship services. The church sent another preacher from LA to my home for the Passover. It was the intense bible studies that led me to start to question their tactics. Since I had no religious background prior to the cog I think it made me more inquisitive when they began to twist Bible verses. After I started asking questions and was being ignored by church members, my family and I began to have our own Bible studies and I pointed out the discrepancies to my family. Of course we kept our studies secret. The final straw came when we were told about Chung Gil Cha. We refused to worship her or sing praises to her. It was also the constant complaining from our "leader" in Texas, the young woman friend of my wife, about how small our offerings were. We later found out she was adding money to the offering secretly behind her husband's back so the church in LA would not question her. This woman also lies to her husband about trips she makes. She once told him she went to Colorado to visit her sister when in fact she went to Korea to the church. As the Bible teaches "all liars". She has brainwashed her 10yr old daughter too. It is very sad. The end of our friendly association with the cult was when we were baptised in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are happy Christians and are thankful to God that we were led away from this bunch of evildoers."
"My children will not speak to me. My son will not take my calls. I haven't seen him in a year. My daughter emails me now and again, but it's always the same- asking me to come with her to worship Ahnsahnghong. . .and when I refuse it's "mom is evil this and mom is evil that" and silence again for another month."
"My sister joined this cult eight months ago and now she's trying to get the whole family to join. She isn't the same person. She wont even talk to us because we're all evil and unholy now according to her. My mom tried to reason with her and she basically stopped talking to my mom completely. She behaves like robot and even quit university after being in it for 2 years she didn’t even get her degree. This whole fake church took over her life, you can hardly recognise she's the same person. She's always arguing with my mom and dad. She goes to the mall and all she does is recruit for them. Every single night they have her out there in the cold just recruiting. From what I can tell this cult only recruits women and girls. I went to the library and borrowed some books on cults. They all sound like this church. My dad went to the church building to talk to their pastor but they wouldn’t even open the doors to him. Apparently you have to be invited to attend the church. The other night we found out that she started stealing money from my dad's wallet just to pay the church. My dad god so mad he drove over there and demanded to speak to the pastor, but they wouldn’t open the church. It's really frightening. Her behaviour is not the same at all. She thinks the world is going to end soon and doesn’t care about anything else."
"They really do not have any good intention towards making the world a better place, peace, humanity, tolerance.. they even breaking families..whatever it takes.. the ends justify the means.They have already believed that disaster will come to fullfil the prophecy. All their worship time is only talking about prophecy (creating fear) and the belief of ahnsahnghong.(believe ahnsahnghong or destroyed in disaster). I also happen to know that they keep a record of people who come to their 'church' worship times (saturday 3x, tuesday etc. ). They record all this, and submit it to central database. This is 'the book of life' as in the bible (according to them). I personally know the person who is doing the data entry. The are putting the data via a software that is sent regularly to head office (korea). They really think that this is the book of life as in the bible. For anyone thinking about joining this cult, only one word for you: BEWARE. Their method is seductive, mixing truth and lies, creating fantasy as don't know what's real anymore...before you know it, you will lose your loved ones because of this."
"I guess the worst part about it is what they did to my brain. They took my brain and along with it my feelings my control my passion and my love. They took my brain and made me something other than I wanted to be. I lost sight of the meaning I sunk into the madness. I lost my self-control my self-respect my self. I wanted to make a better world I was willing to fight for, that willing to sacrifice. But they took my soul turned it inside out made me something other than I wanted to be. And I guess the worst part about it is that I did the same thing to others just like me."
"Two of my kids are involved in this scam. One thing I'd like someone from their so called church to do is to answer me (but they probably wont..or can't).....WITHOUT using the bible, I'd like to know what they think of groups that tear apart families. Do they have any idea what its like to be heartbroken, truly heartbroken? I doubt it, since I view these people the same way that I view the terrorists that killed 17 of my union brothers at the WTC... they are destroying families and don't care."
"First I would like to touch a little bit on the background and environment leading up to my first issue. Without going too deeply into this matter, I want to first examine the type of individuals that are most effectively recruited by this group. I would think that if a survey were done, many that got "in" from a servicemen's church, would say that they came from some type of broken home, abusive family, or difficult past. This is a common thing shared with young GIs. Personally, although I had prayed for salvation, I was struggling to live in a manner I felt was pleasing to God. I was reading my Bible and not being from a Church background I was very curious about what the Holy Spirit Baptism was and I believe God led me out to a service for no other reason than to hear that it was an experience for us today. As it turned out I prayed in my barracks after not receiving anything at the Church service. Something to the effect that if it is for us then I am asking for it and it doesn't matter if I am in a Church service or not. The words came and I experienced something I cannot deny.
Now I believe, after having this experience, COG also provided a safe environment initially for me to be established in the faith. I think ideally I should have left after 1 year or so, or as my questions were ignored or not dealt with, or when my eyes began to be opened to the errors. Instead I stayed and through an insanely busy schedule (30-35 hours a week for the Church, plus working sometimes 10 hour days in the Army, plus weekends), sleep deprivation, a forceful dominating pastor, enforced rules, my mind was broken down and remoulded. No, it wasn't putting on the mind of Christ. It was putting on a pre-packaged still carnal mind of another's construction. I will say I don't think I was ever 100 percent "sold out" but I was indoctrinated certainly.
Now in this environment where the pastor's word was considered law, and any deviation dealt with in public rebuke and humiliation, my pastor suggested to me I start talking with a certain sister. To make a long story as short as possible, after a few dinners I was very uncertain as to compatibility, among other things, was certainly not in love, nor was she. The way I ended up asking her was crazy too. Having not proposed yet, I was standing around with about 10 brothers or so, and a few sisters at the home and the pastor said: "brother warren is getting married !" there were congratulations all around. Problem was, I had not asked her yet. I promptly went to a pay phone and called her and said, "pastor just announced to everyone we are getting married, so before you hear it from someone else, do you want to? Yeah I had to ask her over the phone. So much for romance. I requested to my pastor to put things off and wanted to take it slower. His answer to me? I'll pray about it. I'LL PRAY ABOUT IT??
The next day (it may have been 2 days) he called me over to speak with him and said I have prayed and you need to move your wedding date closer. I remember the pastor mentioning in teaching during this time about love. He made the statement you don't love your wife before marriage, love comes after marriage. I actually halfway believed him.
Unfortunately my wife and I were not in love and never fell in love. Unfortunately I thought the pastor knew the will of God for my life more than my own heart. He encouraged this belief. You might say, "well you were Christians, how could you not love each other?". I would say it is two different things totally. We became friends over time, and learned to respect and care about each other. But that was it. Never a husband a wife love.Sad thiing is she had 2 children that I came to love dearly, which later on became victims of the natural ending of this arranged marriage.
Now I take responsibility for saying "I do" (even though I recall during the ceremony my pastor telling me to "say I do" when I was hesitating) and God knows I would have stuck it out for the long haul (she chose to leave) but had my mind not been conditioned to "obey in all things" this would never have happened. Now I have to say I have a 4 year old son from this marriage, who I love dearly, whose existence in my life makes up for everything else and then some. Yet people were hurt. My life, and the others involved, including children, were negatively affected for years from this decision to marry someone I had no business marrying.
How many others has this happened to? There was very little respect for the holiness of marriage. They were just slapped together. Why? Why the push to get single GIs married? One More tithes. Over 100.00 a month, times that by several brothers and it's a huge difference. But it also binds you to the group with a deeper root, making it harder to leave.
In addition to what was shared above, I found out years afterwards that my now ex wife had been talking to another brother up until the pastor pointed her out to me. He was one of the "spiritual brothers". It is obvious to me in hindside he did not want this brother tied down to a woman with children. His solution? He picked someone else for that brother and "hooked me up" with the sister he did not want the brother to be with. The sad thing is, my ex told me that she really lied that brother and that he really liked her. The brother is no longer in COG from what I last heard. How did this man stand behind a pulpit? How was this man trumpeted as an example to follow? Why was he responsible for training other pastors and deacons?
"I came to know of these fruitcakes through my sister in law who is married to one of their fake Preachers. Ahnsahnghong is a dead Korean Man that started this Church in 1964. Now this Holy Mother Jerusalem, (aka) A Chubby Korean Lady in her 50's, whom they also claim to be Jesus or God is in charge of the cult in Korea and has a direct hand in every church in the chain throughout the world. There is wide spread Mind Control and they try to make you feel guilty about rejecting their stupidity. They do not sport a Cross because the Bible says somewhere that it does no good or some such thing. The real reason is that Ahnsahnghong didn't die on a Cross. Don't try to make them admit that, because they won't. The preacher I spoke to wouldn't even admit that he is buried. He kept giving me verses like "Why do you look for the living among the dead" and stuff like that. I kinda shocked him when I told him that I knew for a fact that Angsagong is dead and buried. They pick and choose the verses they like and if you prove them wrong with the Bible, they will say "That's a Parable, You don't know what that really means". I believe they were going to try to prime my son to be one of their fruity ministers, luckily, he told them to go stuff it. His Mom was forcing him to go talk to these nuts for a while but him being 18 now he told her to stuff it when he found out who they really pray to: A dead Korean Man. Makes you wonder how can people be so gullible. "
"You and I both know that these family wreckers prey on unstable people (by that I mean, depressed, addicted, etc). They destroy families, for what.....MONEY! They tithe to the church....has anyone mentioned the silks that "mother" is wearing can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars? Where did the money come guessed it, the poor suckers (my kids included) that have been sucked into this BS. They pay the Church then use their own money to preach? They're mind washed into becoming mindless recruiters. I know that my kids go to malls to preach and recruit who wants to go to the mall and be approached by these dopes. I put that in the same category as telemarketers (at least I can hang up them!)."
"Our families were suckered in with fake friendship, smiles, food and total Bible logic. Then and only then did they spring that ahnsahnghong crap upon them. So by the time they learn about ahnsahnghobg, their comfy cozy and sending ten percent of their earnings to these liars. I know all about how these conjobs operate, as my sister-in-law and her wacko husband is high up on the food chain of their group. Ahnsahnghong never said he was Jesus and it was never even a subject when he was alive. Only after he died did they see a business opportunity by turning this guys death into th ebiggest scam since forever."
"Regarding the group's cult status...You mentioned that most of the ministers are recruited from servicemen's homes. Let me ask you a question: How many officers do you know of in COG? If there are any, what is the ratio of officer to enlisted in comparison to the rest of the military? The answer is that the vast majority of their Korean recruits come from the enlisted ranks of our military. Why is this? It's very simple. Officers are trained to think; whereas enlisted men are trained not to think, simply obey. Can you imagine a young lieutenant or a company commander taking the abuse that servicemen's directors are notorious for? I can't. I would imagine that an officer would laugh in their face, and then keep laughing as they flip through the phonebook looking for another church to visit."
"People follow religions because they're missing something. It's an emotional deficiency, not an intellectual one. I’ve studied religions and global cultures for over 10 years & have learned several languages. Even more in depth since my brother tried to convince my family that Ahnsahnghong's religion made sense. It's the same as marketing/sales. Wery simply put- to find buyers/believers, cater to their needs & wants. Religious devotion requires strong emotional investment, not much intellectual (the religion's leaders will provide that facade). If they're not intellectual, it's easier- you just tug at their heartstrings with friendship and acceptance. If your target market is intelligent, hit them with literal translations that can't be contested based on words, then cater to their emotions too. That's how it all works with any religion that claims to know the "only way" to God. It's how terrorists recruit suicide bombers too, by the way. It's all marketing, albeit misdirected."
"As much as i love my brother and wish i could live my life with him in it, it's not my choice- it's his. It’s not the 1st time his emotions have led to bad decisions, just the most painful."
"I am fighting for my family. My brother has alienated my family and doesn't care at all. This place destroys families so they can get rich off these misguided people."
"My husband and I have been subjected to emotional blackmail and abuse. We are not allowed to see our year old grandson because we will not listen to their preaching. Would you like to discuss having a broken heart, I can explain that to you as well. A little background, my kids were pretty much brought up in NYC, had many friends of different faiths. They respected the views of other faiths and now, that's all gone to hell. Everyone else is wrong but them. Sorry, no one has the right to say that. What church/religion has the right to destroy a once happy family? Or teach someone to lie and deceive as my children have done since joining? What purpose would it serve other than for money and control? It's called a cult. That's what they do."
"It has been a while since I have seen my sister. I don't think that she is in a cult but it is like she has cut her ties to her own family. The last time i saw her was when i worked at the same place as her. I would try to talk with her but the conversations were always short and abrupt. Never really concerned about the family. She use to let us come see her and even write back to us. Me and her were close sisters, but know she want write me back she sends letters back and she has even changed her phone number many times. I just want to know why she cut us off from her we don't care if that is what she wants but to cut us off from them completely really hurts."
"It is a shame that folks get lose in all this kind of junk. It is a shame that cults get away with this under the name of religion. I am a very religious person and there is nothing in the Bible that talks about brides, child abuse, seperation of family etc."
"The book, "Take Back Your Life.... Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships" by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias, details people like the Church of God perfectly. My daughter started out studying with the COG 'Religion' me, that's a cult, as least for her it was a religion. These people paint a religious "picture" but it's just a front. Once involved, the mind control starts. There's nothing wrong with meditation (God meditated in the Garden), nothing wrong with Yoga or chanting but when it's done in a way that alters a persons identity, that's dangerous! Read the book. you’ll understand a little better on where I'm coming from. By the way, do you have any association or loved ones involved in this cult? I would be interested in understanding your interpretation of New Age Religion. I might add at the time my daughter was into it, she was going to meditation group at the top of a mountain in Korea, a so called temple (which was nothing more than a decorated house) under the leadership of some Korean pastor. How do I know...I went with her because I felt I needed to get better "acquainted" with her so-called friends. I don't know if I was lucky or not to have experienced it.... strangest event I have ever seen and it lasted all night into the early morning. There was no religious teaching going on or meditation."
"I don’t know why the government doesn’t get behind you and go in and shut them down. It seems to be ok with all government agencies for them to operate as long as they have alot of property, makes you wonder whose getting a pay off to keep law enforcement out!!!! What would happen if a large group of family members were to throw in with you and just go in with force if thats what it takes and bring those children out and get them back home where they belong? You have all my info on how to contact me if you ever want to put a group together, ill gladly go, in my eyes it would not be wrong they cant hook children on lies and brainwashing and call it in the name of god to me, i know better, and i want to let you know im with you 100% you need not put your self in harms way, you are needed to tell America what happens, you are the only man i know that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is."
"Cults con people and don't prey on weak people. That is a myth. They prey on people they can get something out of and it's a slow boil. The person who has been recruited doesn't know what is happening. You need to educate yourself so that you don't have the need to slap people who have been duped, as you could easily be if you continue to think like you are."
"I will not go to this so called church, I am way too angry at these people to listen to them, I know my anger. Before this I cold not understand how people could just one day "snap" and shoot up a place. No, I am not that type of person, but I am now able to understand how people can go over that edge of reasoning. I don't condone it, but I can see how it can happen, as wrong as it is."
"I've seen this Mother Jerusalem a few times at their main "Jerusalem Temple" in Seoul a few years back and I also saw her face to face in a city called Okchon. Over there was a lot of foreign people and you wouldn't believe the tears that were shed when they held her hand and wept!
When it was my turn she said "Welcome my child!" Then I blurted out, "Mother do you know my name?" Her face became RED and the others scolded me and said "How could you say THAT??" and someone from California said "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO GOD!" But Mother said to me, "Now that you've seen me why is your faith so weak?" I told her that I was a newbie and just couldn't believe it with my own eyes. She then said "now that you've seen me, believe!"
Wow. Then I said "okay, sure". When I got back home to Uijongbu (which was like 3-4 hours away), the kids with me were like "I can't believe you did that!" But one of them whom I had gotten close to told me, "I wouldn't have had the courage to do that. But I'm glad that you stood up for Jesus!" Man that felt like HONEY hearing those sincere words. To this day he comes over secretly to my house and I have a discipleship Bible study that I do with him (like I do at school with the Middle/High school guys)."
"Hello, I know of this cult that you speak on. My husband is currently in it. Please, close your door too these people. My Husband has left me and our kids because I will have no parts of it. My oldest son, who is 19, went and he said they it scared the hell out of him. I have been to many churches and I have never seen nothing like this. They have talked my husband into getting out of his job at th eNavy, telling him that he had to walk like Jesus did. Because Jesus did not wlak with the rich, they want me husband to quit his job and work for them. They also say that Jesus gave up all things of the world so my husband has to turn all our money over to them. They do studies at all hours of the day (my husband has almost went UA because of these studies) , and often late into the night. They are about to go to Korea to see God. My husband said that he is there sitting in a body and that God is not a spirit that is everywhere but can only be found in Zion (Korea). If you are not in Zion then you don't know the True God, apparently.
They say that their Pastor was baptized by God himself at the young age of 5. In the Bible it said that no man will or has ever lived to see God. They also say that if you dont do the Passover that you serve a different God and not theirs. One important thing. They have a heaveny mother and they also believe that Jesus was not supposed to die and that it was a mistake and that is where they get that the man that they pray to is the second coming, because God or Jesus made a mistake and now this man must "fix things".
Now I don't know about you but God never fails. But Jesus conveniently came back in 1948 to teach the passover and you can go and see him in Korea too? Please, if these people come to your door say thank you and shut it. I have lost my husband to these people. I would not want anyone to go through what I have this past year. The man who runs the Church in Korea is one of the richest men in the country. They take your money and have you and want you to live totally off of them."
"I joined this cult during my university years. A woman came up to me after class on my way to the gym and asked me if I wanted to come to her church so I said yes because I remember thinking at the time that maybe this was like a date and she was being flirtatious. Anyway when I got to the church everyone was friendly and nice and I taught 'wow this must be heaven! These are true Christians!' So when they started telling me about Ahnsahnghong and the bible and all that it felt really wonderful and made me special and / believed it all. Sadly things got worse as months went by. they wanted me to stop my studies and turn up on Tuesday nights recruiting on campus with them. I didn’t mind at first but when they got pushy i began to suspect things so i started bible study and began asking them questions. needless to say the responses were always the same. "Don’t worry about that. It doesn’t mean anything" or "we are in a new age" and stuff like that. Well as far as i am concerned now, yes we are in a new age: An age of Reason- and if you cant reasonably justify your religion then im sorry but your religion is nonsense. What I hate most is the time I wasted with them. In hindsight I see now how they seduced me. Made me feel special and wanted, but how could I have fallen for it all? Looking back on it I think it is because at the time I was going through some personal trouble. My parents and I had a falling out and I was open to be attacked by the devil. I was weak and had no home/family. Cog was my family. Ahnsahnghong's followers are good people, yeah I believe that. but the devil uses good people too. He warps their minds and tricks them. That's what makes him so cunning. And that’s why seeing these brainwashed cog congregations make me so mad. Anyway I am rambling. Feel free to post this on your testimonial website. I think you're doing a good job and the information is really waking people up."
"My son brought one of his friends to "church", at first he thought he liked it, then after an hour or so, he started to freak out (as Ryan put it). He decided that this was a cult and wanted nothing more to do with it. The following Saturday, my son and the "pastor" showed up at this kids job wanting to know why he was not at church. The kid told them he was not interested in their church. My son will no longer talk to him. This kid, Ryan (the oldest of his siblings) had an addiction problem, but at least he had some common sense. He called me; we discussed at great length what happened. As we talked I broke down into tears, we both did, we are frightened for those we care about. Ryan has gone back to the church he was brought up in. He calls me often to see how I'm doing. I have been given a name of honor by him...."Ma". He feels he needs a mom, calling me "Ma" would not take the place of his Mom. He has also become a big bro to my youngest...she is very hurt by what her older siblings have done, she takes it personally. She also refuses to talk to them. In a way, Ryan has also become my support, as I was his. He is now clean, going to AA and loving life. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of that kid."
"A few years ago I was involved with this pretty intense group of women that say they had a huge ministry world wide. Their behaviour was very legalistic and out of bounds. They claimed that every other church was not of God or serving Him the way they did etc etc.
To make a long story short, I was a nervous wreck when I finally got out. A few people committed suicide because of their intense discipleship and over emphasis on tithing and embarassing their members for sin (factual or unfounded) in front of the ENTIRE church. It took me a wihle to trust any church or man/woman of God. Still, I feel much better now. I, like you and many others wondered for a few years how on earth could I be hoodwinked into something like this? I grew up very street wise and could recognise a hustle when I saw one. So how could I not see this?"
"I am well acquainted with the group calling themselves the Church of God. I am a pastor and while working in New Mexico I worked to get a few people out of there. Three are currently out but only one is moving on with his life. The extent of the emotional and mental damage done by this gruop is horrific and I applaud you for tackling such a difficult case."
"God is not a recruiter, but the devil is. God calls, draws, saves, and lifts up the human soul to become one of His lights in His kingdom and body. (Rom 1:7)(John 6:44,12:32)(Phillip 2:15)(James 4:10)(Rev 4:1)The devil makes proposals for personal profit and cuts deals for gain in his organization of churches. (Matthew 4:5-10) He degrades, degenerates, pushes, and brings down all that he gets into his program and hooks their star on him. And the church-building business is his ministry. (Jerem 2:21)(Ezek 34:21)(Acts 4:11)(Gal 5:8)(Rev 12:4)'...and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.' (Rev 1:1-2)John is called Jesus' servant by Jesus Himself, and what was his service to Christ? Baring record of the Jesus' Word and testimony and that which he had seen in his life for Christ.He did not give a record of the churches he successfully built and never left on the down, nor of the amount of people he got into his church.The servants of Jesus serve Him acceptably by the righteous life of faith they live for Him (Rom 14:18), by their testimony of His salvation and blessing in life (1 Peter 3:15), and by ministering His written Word to all who would hear, whosesoever and whomsoever that may be. (Acts 6:4,8:35,18:28)(Rev 1:3)Indeed, the only place where Jesus speaks of them that would do God service by what they do with and to other people is John 16:2, where the builders of great synagogues and churches will attempt to control and cast out them that do not get with the program of God. Another place of Scripture that also condemns such church-building behaviour and dominion over the saints is 3 John 9,10: Diotrephes the great ruler and go-getting conqueror of souls in the church-building business. A recruiter for success that didn't like John stepping on his program toes by writing such things of Scripture to the people in his church. (He was probably a really well-known and favoured preacher in Nicolas' first organization of Christian churches. As was Saul of Tarsus in the Jews' religion, until he turned traitor to God's organization of synagogues and began to find fault with it's national Pastor and Sanhedrin Leaders.)John was a servant of Jesus Christ who lived for Him uprightly according to the Scriptures, ministered those Scriptures to others, and bear witness of His true blessing to prosper and be in good health as a beloved child of God. But the church builders bear witness to what they have done and are doing for God in their church-recruitment programs: real company men.” What have you done for God?" there is not the question, but according to the Scriptural record, the question is what and who are you baring witness of? Jesus' servants bare witness of Jesus and His Word and what they have seen Him do in the lives of His people while company men recruit into their company of churches and talk about what their leaders have done. God sets His seal in the foreheads of His saints (John 3:33)(Rev 9:4,13:16), but the devil sets his mark in his servants' foreheads and hands. God puts His witness in the hearts and minds of His people, but the devil proselytises their minds and then recruits their hands for his church-building business. God is not a recruiter, but the devil is."
"Same thing happened to me in Australia. Two girls asked if they could give me a survey. I was a bit weary but said “ok” anyway, (I don’t mind giving an opinion. I had some spare time - it was 12 noon and I was just going to go home).
They asked me all sorts of crazy questions, like have you heard of the Heavenly Mother, have you heard of the Passover, etc. They said crazy things like: the earth is actually a shadow of heaven (there’s a Holy Jerusalem and a Jerusalem on earth), that we are actually fallen children/spirits from heaven and have sinned, and if we don’t get baptized and eat Gods’ flesh and blood every 2 months we will go to hell… etc.
It sounded interesting, and… different, so I kept on listening. I ended up staying for about 3 hours! The next thing I knew it, I was in their car and going to get baptized. I was nervous because I had only just met them, and I didn’t know what they could do to me. It was an experience….a scary one.
But anyway, they took me to their church (which was actually a house - but renovated). I was thinking “what have I gotten my self into?!” I thought they were going to kill me or something.
I got baptized, watched a documentary about their “Passover” (which definitely looked like some kind of cult. There was a huge crowd of them all, they all looked Korean, all praying to God. They wore a lace kind-of material over their heads - it seemed symbolic for some reason).They offered me lunch and I ate. By then it was getting quite later (about 4:30) and my boyfriend was worried about me and he kept ringing. I let the girls know about this and told them that I had to get going. One of the girls (called Anne), really wanted me to come again tomorrow (their day of rest was apparently Saturday).
She wanted me to join their study group. I said “no”, and replied to her “because I have a lot of homework”. I really didn’t want to get myself as involved as I already was. She went on readying out paragraphs from the bible, trying to make me feel guilty. She would not take ‘no’ for an answer. She said “ring you’re boyfriend, let him know you’ll be late”.
I didn’t have any credit on me, so I didn’t want her to know that I couldn’t ring my boyfriend. I just kept on eating, until I finished my food. She offered to walk me to the station, and I said “alright”.
I found her really annoying. She kept walking me off the foot-path! She wanted to be close to me to read me her Bible, and I kept wanting to move away. She even held my hand and stroked it!! I pulled away of course. She waited with me at the station until the train came. That whole time she was reading parts out of the Bible and trying to convince me to see her the next day (Sat).
I asked her “Why not the following Saturday? I’m too busy”. She asked me for my mobile number. I was reluctant, but gave it to her anyway (at the time I didn’t know what to do). She checked it and she noticed that I left one number out (by accident). She told me to correct it. Then she rang the number, to check if I was lying. The train eventually pulled up. I got on. She yelled out “God Bless You, God Bless You, Sister! Ring me! You’ll ring me won’t you?!”
Suddenly a phone with her hands. I said “Yeah”, a bit unenthusiastically. I just fell in a heap on one of the chairs, sighed, and rolled my eyes. I was just so humiliated! It was an interesting adventure I admit. But I would never do that again. I can’t believe I put my trust in those people, they could have done anything.I ended up changing my number straight away."